[ Army Green ]
A brand is no longer limited to just one name, one symbol.

Willis & Bates
[ Stainless Steel ]
The new VAPALUX Stainless Editions!
Model E41S, 300S and R510S Radiator,
We developed whole things from the beginning!.

Willis & Bates
[ M1B ]
Light, warmth and looks ! Now this is a good-looking lamp, even if we do say so ourselves! You too can recreate that fabulous fifties homely hearthside mood with the Vapalux M1B pressure lamp.

Willis & Bates
[ M320 ]
The Vapalux M320 Kerosene Lamp is a rugged little number, just like those used by the British Army in the field. These lamps have been used in a British military context for over sixty years and are still going strong as a proven piece of military equipment, giving out both heat and light.

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